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Cooking workshops are “special educational activities”; they offer students the opportunity to learn about Italian traditions and culture and to experience the hospitality of a population that is strongly attached to its roots. The authentic cookery workshops allow you to explore the dishes typical of the region, which are not limited to pasta and pizza!

Our cuisine is one of the richest and most varied of Italy, thanks to the climate and geographic location (nestled between the sea and the mountains): spaghetti with clams, pizza, buffalo mozzarella, Caprese salad, aubergine parmigiana, baba, sfogliatelle…, there is something for everyone, even those with the most discerning palates. 

Lessons are not taught by TV celebrities or starred chefs but by Italian grandmothers who have spent most of their life preparing dishes for the whole family and who still use the recipes passed down through generations. Remember: cooking is never just about cooking; it’s about love, family, traditions, and spending time with our loved ones.

Fresh Pasta Workshop

Fresh home-made pasta is one of the most important traditions of Italian cuisine. Fusilli, ravioli and tagliatelle are just some of the specialties that you will learn to make in the fresh pasta-making course.

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Pizza Making Workshop

Special ingredients and leavening and cooking time are some of the secrets to preparing the perfect pizza. You will learn all the basic steps (from making the pizza dough to leavening, and cooking in a wood oven) according to local tradition.. 

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Baking Class

Have you ever tasted Babà, Pastiera Napoletana or Sfogliatella? No? Well, this is your chance to learn how to make these delicious Italian cakes. 

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“Preserving” Workshop

The custom of preserving tomatoes at the end of summer is an ancient tradition that is very popular throughout Italy, as is preserving seasonal vegetables such as aubergine, pumpkin or  artichoke in oil or making fruit jam.

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Embroidery Workshop

You will be introduced to the basic skills you’ll need to design and create your very first embroideries. A hand embroidery workshop to help you discover a traditional artisan craft passed down from mother to daughter. 

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Crochet Workshop

The ancient art of crochet is popular with grandmothers who teach their grandchildren how to make home-made decorations, blankets, doilies, lace trim, and handbags 

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Workshops must be booked in advance.

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