For your study holiday, you can choose the following accommodation: homestay, an apartment, B&B or hotel. If you need help, we can provide your with some options, otherwise, you can arrange your stay as you wish. The various types of accommodation are all very comfortable, are centrally located and come with TV and Wi-Fi. Everything is within walking distance: the train station, bus stop, supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms and restaurants.  Studying in a small town has many advantages: you have to speak Italian to make yourself understood as the locals don’t speak your language; people are friendlier and more willing to help, the city is quieter and life less expensive than a big city and you can walk or cycle with minimal traffic.


Homestay Formula is the perfect choice for students who want to learn more about Italian life and culture. You will be part of a family and can spend more time with your teacher during key parts of the day.

Apartment or B&B

If you decide to travel with your family and want to stay for a longer period of time, or if you prefer to stay with other students, you can opt for a B&B or apartment and feel right at home. You can cook, organise your free time and decide what to do when you don’t have a lesson, but remember to always talk to you flatmates in Italian. 


Choosing to stay in a hotel is a great choice for those who prefer the comfort and privacy of a hotel and want to stay in the city centre so that everything is close by. The choice of hotel has no bearing on the language learning process as you will continue to spend your days with the teacher and practicing Italian.


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