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“Turning your passion for Italy into an unforgettable educational experience”
Studia, Viaggia, Mangia is a tailored solution for learning Italian language and culture while traveling. Neither a travel agency nor a language school but rather a personal tutor: a specialist mother tongue teacher of Italian as a foreign language. A new and exclusive approach to learning Italian. Tailor-made language courses combine homestay with cooking workshops, guided tours, and a range of excursions. Are you a student preparing for an exam, or a professional who needs to learn Italian? Are you passionate about Italian art and culture, or simply want to learn the language of your grandparents? Then come to Italy and sign up for one my courses and I’ll teach you the language of pasta, fashion, and the arts.
“Connecting foreign students with the beauty of Italy and helping them to learn Italian”
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Me and My Travels

Find out more about me, my studies and travels, and about why I created Studia Viaggia Mangia.
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My region

A wonderful region, Campania is packed with history, culture, attractions and culinary traditions.
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Learn our Tradition

Our grandmothers always know how to make fresh pasta, embroider or knit.
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Homestay Courses

An alternative way to learn Italian with your personal tutor.

Online Courses

Where you are is no object when you want to learn a new language.


Find the best solution on where to stay to feel at home.


Learn Italian Tradition

pasta fresca

Fresh Pasta

Home-made fresh pasta is traditionally prepared on Sunday mornings, for lunch. You can’t get married in the South of Italy unless you know how to make fusilli or ravioli! You will learn traditional skills passed down from generation to generation: how to make homemade pasta, rolling techniques and how to create different shapes with your hands.
Laboratorio di Pizza​


Special ingredients, leavening and cooking time are some of the secrets to preparing an excellent pizza. You will learn all the basic steps (from making the pizza dough to leavening, and cooking in a wood oven) according to local tradition.


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