Nice to meet you!

Ciao! My name is Gabriella. I am a qualified Italian Language (LS/L2) teacher. After obtaining CEDILS certification in teaching Italian as a foreign language from the Cà Foscari University in Venice, I began working with several language academies, cultural associations, and online language platforms. This paved the way for the development of my personal method of teaching Italian as a foreign language. My lessons are tailored to the level and objectives of the students; a targeted language training course developed following the students’ requests. Fun, conversation, motivation and listening are the key elements of the course which make learning Italian easy and exciting. I live in Italy, in a small town near Salerno, between the Amalfi and Cilento coasts, an enchanting area of ​​Campania; one of the most beautiful and evocative places in the world, ideal for an unforgettable educational holiday experience.

I speak English (International English Language Certification, level C1 of the CEFR, French, Spanish, and some Arabic. I have a degree in Modern Languages and Literature, and a Master in Translation. I lived and worked in London for seven years and I have travelled a lot so I really understand how difficult could be when you do not speak the language, and nobody understands you.

Working with students from all over the world on a daily basis, I noticed that everyone has a different approach to foreign languages. Using standard lessons or online resources for everyone is not the best way to teach a new language. We need to create ad hoc material and personalized lessons that make studying easy and fun. Learning a foreign language is extremely subjective and is influenced by age, mother tongue, determination, student experience, and—above all—motivation.

My university background, the years I lived in London, countless journeys and direct contact with different people and cultures, mean that I understand the difficulties students face when learning a foreign language. Identifying native language interference during the learning process allows the right strategies to be implemented so that difficulties can be overcome, and students can be made aware of what happens when they make a mistake.

Hence the idea behind  Studia Viaggia Mangia: a personalised language teaching service, an unforgettable educational experience and cultural enrichment through Italian traditions, culture and homestay.

Why you should choose my courses

To learn the Italian language with all its exceptions and grammar rules. You would love the sound of the words and the beauty of the language and you would never be able to do without it. You will have an unforgettable educational experience through online courses, homestay programs and personalized activities based on your requests. Surrounded by wonderful people capable of passing on the traditions of Italian cuisine, you will visit wonderful historical sites, breathtaking coasts and enchanting beaches. Discovering the secrets of this ancient land loved by Etruscans, Greeks, Byzantines, Arabs, Spaniards, French, a place rich in history, art, culture, literature, tradition and amazing food. Learning how to cook the typical dishes of Italian cuisine through fun educational activities that will leave you speechless because cooking is like LOVE if selected ingredients are fresh and good, passion and imagination would make the perfect recipe!
So, if you’ve decided to visit Italy but don’t know where to start or don’t speak the language and want to learn it… no problem at all, I can help you! Sign up for one of my courses and join me in Italy.

Competencies & Skills

You never stop learning

I am also a freelance copywriter, and marketing/PR consultant, with over 15 years’ experience in the cosmetics, sales and training industries. Aware of the importance of lifelong learning, I hold a strategic marketing qualification from the CIM Institute in London and a diploma in Web Marketing for Tourism & Hospitality.

Life is not a sprint but a marathon; the important things in life take time and perseverance. You cannot learn a foreign language in a short period of time.

Determination is necessary to achieve our goals. Like when I took part in the Rome Marathon and the Orte Spartan Race: I was perfectly aware of how much effort and training was required. It was tough but I got there in the end and reached the finishing line of both races.

We must “learn to learn“. Concentration is key to staying focused on your goal while passion, sacrifice, and commitment will take you to the finishing line.

Sharing my passion for languages, travel and cooking with foreign students makes my job unique. I love spending my days with them, talking about the Italian language and culture, explaining the traditions of the Italian cuisine. My students and I will prepare typical local dishes, we will talk about ingredients, how to choose and cook them and we will go to the market to buy them. It will be a great fun! We will visit the wonders of the place and eat a yummy ice cream walking through the streets of the city.

Only one rule: no English, no French, no Spanish, no German…. only Italian language!

If you love to travel and want to learn Italian, let’s have a coffee and together we will plan your course!

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