With more than 15 years’ experience in the international cosmetics and haircare industry, in the areas of marketing, advertising, communication, public relations, training and services, I provide Copywriting & Translation services, Marketing Courses and English Language Workshops for children, young people and adults.
Servizi di Copywriting​

Copywriting Services

Are you a company that needs to launch a new brand on the market? Need to create an engaging story for your products? Do you want to create effective and effective, persuasive material to tell your story, attract new clients or engage the reader and increase your brand awareness? Don’t waste time. Put yourself in the hands of experts who know how to interpret customer needs. Bring your ideas to life through the creativity of those who have worked with haircare companies such as TIGI, BED HEAD, MASH UP and KAARAL for years, devising their launch, marketing, and advertising campaigns. Projects created for your products.
Servizi di Traduzione​

Translation Services

Let your products speak for themselves! Then contact me, if the required language is English! I worked on Italian and English content creation for company profiles, brochures, product descriptions, product labels, press kits and corporate marketing, and I have gained extensive knowledge of industry-specific haircare and cosmetics terminology. An excellent translation requires the correct connection between the source language (the original text) and the target language (the final transcription). Understanding the nuances of the language and being able to accurately relay the information to the reader is key to success. For perfect results, translation requires professionalism, mastery of the language, and keyword knowledge.E
Lingua Inglese per Adulti

English Courses for Adults

It’s never too late to learn a new language. Do you want to learn English or improve your language skills for professional purposes? If you don’t want to follow a group course and prefer one-on-one lessons, tailored to your level and interests, then contact me and we’ll arrange your course together. To help you achieve your work objectives, we will focus on you actual needs. Remember, you need language to communicate, and if you’re unable to communicate then you need to review what you learned at previous courses… and possibly the method you have used so far.
Lingua Inglese per Bambini​

English Workshop for Children

We learn from our mistakes and learn through play. It doesn’t take much to engage a child in a lesson and make them. A cuddly toy, some sweets and a lot of passion can convey the beauty of the English language. Art, reading and cooking workshops can introduce children to a new language. This is achieved by creating animated stories, repeating everyday words and making scrumptious cakes. Fun is the basis of knowledge.

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