Italian language courses are the perfect combination of languagecultureinformation and fun. The educational activities focus on pragmatic and intercultural aspects. Boring theory is banned. Grammar and vocabulary will help you understand how the language works, but to be fluent in a new language you need to live and converse with the locals, immersing yourself in everyday life contexts. The lessons are structured in line with student interests and requirements, which strengthens the learning process. All lessons are tailor-made. The teaching material is created ad hoc and covers different topics: literature, Italian culture, songs, films, special activities, and cooking lessons. The method used is inductive and is considered by modern language teaching to be one of the most effective methods for learning a foreign language. Not all people are the same so not all courses are suitable for everyone.

My Courses

Corsi Online di Italiano
Online Lesson
Learn Italian from home while enjoy your conversation with a mother tongue teacher.
Corsi individuali o di gruppo di italiano
One to one or small group
One to one course or a maximum of 4 people to learn quickly Italian while having fun.
Corsi di italiano per professionisti
Courses for Manager
Learn Italian for work-purposes and improve your professional curriculum.
Corsi di Italiano per studenti Universitari
Courses for University Student
Preparation courses for language certification exams and Erasmus projects to help you improve your knowledge of Italian.
Corsi di Cucina
Cooking classes
Learn specific terminology and vocabulary and the secrets of fresh, homemade pasta.
Corsi extra didattici
Special courses
Learn Italian without books through interesting and exciting activities: embroidery, crochet, knitting photography and drama.
Tasting courses
Visit wineries, dairy farms, factories and artisans and explore the local area and cuisine.
Aggiungi un posto a tavola​
Be my guest
Share a meal with an Italian family while practising the language and learning about ancient traditions.
Verbi in ARE
The lessons cover various subjects and topics; there is a lot of talking involved to promote listeningdialogue and comprehension be able to communicateWe will analyse grammar rules in a real context. Our conversations will have a specific didactic purpose in line with your needs. The one-on-one lessons aim to help you achieve your personal goals. Don’t worry if you make a mistake as it’s part of the learning process and means that you are thinking about language!
Come ti chiami
So, what are you waiting for? Learn Italian and improve your language skills while exploring the wonderful places and traditions of the Campania region.

Online Courses

If you have decided to learn Italian, or improve your language skills, it doesn’t matter where you live as you can sign up for online lessons. Create a tailored study plan covering conversation, reading, listening, and writing, from the comfort of your own home!

You will practice the language with a qualified teacher instead of using an App that is never as productive and motivational as a real native speaker.

When learning Italian, you will improve by practicing and having someone explain how to use the language and vocabulary.

We will study the Italian language together, with an emphasis on grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing, listening, and conversation. Our lessons are delivered through Skype or Zoom, and are tailored to your needs.


For your study holiday, you can choose the following accommodation: homestay, an apartment, B&B or hotel. If you need help, we can provide your with some options, otherwise, you can arrange your stay as you wish. The various types of accommodation are all very comfortable, are centrally located and come with TV and Wi-Fi. Everything is within walking distance: the train station, bus stop, supermarkets, shopping centres, gyms and restaurants.  Studying in a small town has many advantages: you have to speak Italian to make yourself understood as the locals don’t speak your language; people are friendlier and more willing to help, the city is quieter and life less expensive than a big city and you can walk or cycle with minimal traffic.
Home Stay


Homestay Formula is the perfect choice for students who want to learn more about Italian life and culture. You will be part of a family and can spend more time with your teacher during key parts of the day.
Appartamento o B&B

Apartment or B&B

If you decide to travel with your family and want to stay for a longer period of time, or if you prefer to stay with other students, you can opt for a B&B or apartment and feel right at home. You can cook, organise your free time and decide what to do when you don’t have a lesson, but remember to always talk to you flatmates in Italian.
HOTEL Europa Pontecagnano


Choosing to stay in a hotel is a great choice for those who prefer the comfort and privacy of a hotel and want to stay in the city centre so that everything is close by. The choice of hotel has no bearing on the language learning process as you will continue to spend your days with the teacher and practicing Italian.

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