A day in Paestum!

This temple was built in the Doric style, featuring thick columns and flat roofs.
The Greek Temple

Paestum in Piana del Sele [the Sele Plain], located in the modern-day region of Campania in southern Italy near the sea and north of Cilento National Park, is one of the most important Greek colonies of the ancient world. Also known as Pesto, the ancient city of Magna Graecia was given the name of Poseidonia by its founders, in honour of Poseidon. Today, the city is famous throughout the world for its extremely important archaeological park. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the archaeological site, surrounded by ancient city walls, is characterised by the presence of three magnificent, very well preserved Doric temples.. Founded in the 6th century BCE, Paestum was a major port city and trading hub of the Mediterranean. It was home to the powerful and influential Poseidon, the god of the sea, which makes it a destination of religious pilgrimage for Greeks and other Mediterranean cultures.

Paestum contains some of the most spectacular examples of Greek architecture. Three magnificent temples still stand today, dedicated to the gods Poseidon, Hera, and Athena. These temples were built in the Doric style, featuring thick columns and flat roofs. The temples are the most popular attractions in Paestum, and each one has been carefully preserved and restored over the centuries. Other notable sites in Paestum include the city walls, which were built in the 5th century BCE for protection from invaders, and the agora, or marketplace, which was the center of public life in the city. In addition to its architectural significance, Paestum also offers insight into ancient Greek culture and religion. The temples and other religious sites were important centers of worship, while the agora was the place where political and social issues were discussed. The city was also home to a vibrant culture of music, poetry, and art, which is still evident today. Paestum is an incredible place to explore and experience the fascinating history of the ancient Greek world. Its stunning architecture, religious artifacts, and artifacts of daily life all help to tell the story of this incredible city. Despite its age, Paestum continues to captivate and inspire people from all over the world.

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Tenuta Vannullo

Buffalo Mozzarella

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To reach Paestum, the easiest way is to take a flight to Naples International Airport (NAP), which is located about 140 km from the city. From there, you can take a bus to Paestum, which usually takes about 2 hours. Alternatively, you can also take a train from Naples to Salerno and then switch to a bus to Paestum. This option is usually quicker and takes around 1.5 hours. Also, from Salerno you can take a regional train to Sapri which stops in Paestum. Then, 5 minutes walking and you will be at the Archeological Park of Paestum.

I hope you will enjoy your time in Paestum. Thanks for visiting!